3rd Commandment – The Name Of The Lord Thy God

Two out of the 10 commandments God has given to man deal with sins of the tongue.  That’s 20% of the commandments dealing with the misuse of speech.

Commandment number three deals with taking God’s name in vain.
Commandment number nine deals with speaking falsehood and lying.

Commandment number three protects God’s name.
Commandment number nine protects our name (see Proverbs 19:22 & 22:1).

There is a holy dignity in the very name of God and He takes the use of His name very seriously.


Scripture gives us many various names of God, each name revealing a different aspect of His character.  A person’s “name” is, in many ways, their reputation and glory.

We are told that the ancient Jews held God’s name to be so sacred that when the scribes were copying the Scriptures and approached the name of the Lord, they stopped, bathed completely, then wrote the name with a brand new, unused pen.

We give our children names merely for identification, rarely considering the meaning of that particular name, but not so with God.  God uses names to describe some aspect of the character of the one being named.

I am afraid that there are many Christians who have little or no understanding of the significance of God’s name, thus, the careless use of God name even among Christians.

Bible scholars suggest that there are nearly 300 names given for God in the Bible.  Let’s consider a few and their meanings.

God” (Genesis 1:1).
This is the most common name God uses for Himself throughout Scripture and means, “the strong and faithful one.”  It is associated with God as creator and testifies to His infinite power.
We must consider the incomprehensible power of the one who’s name we use so lightly.

Jehovah” spelled “LORD” or “GOD” (Exodus 20:2) – here is the combination of three names meaning: “He that always will be, He that is, and He that always has been.”
In Genesis 6:3-7, we’re told that Jehovah hates and judges sin.
In Exodus 15:11, we’re told that Jehovah is the God of pure holiness.
In Exodus 34:6, we’re told that Jehovah is the God of infinite patience, love and mercy.

Lord” means “master,” indicating the relationship of a master to his servants.  This name reveals God’s complete authority over man.  Philippians 2:11 assures us that “every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, (master, authority).

Most High God” indicates God’s ownership of all creation.  Notice in Isaiah 14:14, Satan sought to attain this position.
The “most High God” owns our bodies and all we possess, making us mere “stewards” of God’s possessions.

God’s name is holy because it is a revelation of Himself to mankind, a revelation of His character. How sad (and foolish) that man uses God’s name so lightly and abuses God’s name so easily. 

The use of God’s name is not just for identification, but as a recognition of who and what He is.


God states very plainly, we are forbidden to use His name in vain (in an empty or worthless way).

The Profane Use Of God’s Name Is Vain!

Profanity is very common today, even among some profession Christians, yet profanity if filthy!  This is a sad commentary on the character of a person using profanity.

If you will study your Bible very carefully, you will find that the only people in Scripture who used profanity were those who denied the Lord.
Any person who loves and respects the Lord will not use profanity.

The Trivial Use Of God’s Name Is Vain!

To use the name of God in a humorous story to get a laugh or to use God’s name to “let off steam” is blasphemous.

The Dishonest Use Of God’s Name Is Vain!

I have met some folks who are seldom guilty of telling the truth.  Yet, there are many in the church who will lie to God about their relationship with God, or use the name of God to mask their sin, this is hypocrisy.


The gift of speech is a sacred responsibility that we must one day answer to God for.

Remember, it is through the name of Jesus that we are justified.
Remember, it is through the name of Jesus that we gain repentance and forgiveness.
Remember, it is through the name of Jesus that we saved.
And remember, it is at the name of Jesus we must someday all bow down.

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