5 Fatal Assumptions Concerning World Missions & Personal Soul Winning…

  1. “I don’t have the gift of evangelism.”  Taking the Gospel to the unsaved is not a  spiritual gift, but a clear command.  Every Christian has a direct command to take the Gospel to the unsaved.
  2. “God hasn’t called me to the mission field.”  Fact is, every one of us live in the “mission field,” that is, the world.  Whether we live in Central Asia, or Western Maryland, we are in the mission field.  Rather than assuming God has not called us, let’s assume He HAS called us until He makes it clear otherwise.
  3. “There’s nothing I can do to make any significant difference.”  This is simply not true!  A classic illustration is the little boy with a small lunch of fish and bread and how God fed over seven thousand people.  When I give myself and all that I have to the Lord to do with as He sees fit, great and mighty things will happen.  Little certainly is much… when God is in it.
  4. “The world has already been reached.”  This is so obviously untrue, it needs no rebuttal.  Statics tell us there are literally billions of people and entire nations that have no Gospel witness.
  5. “We are living in the last days and people will not receive the Gospel.”  No where does the Bible even remotely suggest that the Gospel will lose any power to save.  There may be different areas in our world where people are more resistant to the Word of God, but we have every reason to believe and be confident that if we’ll faithfully go with the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can and will see many saved.  The problem throughout the church age has not been the condition of the world, but the unconcern of the church.  The harvest continues to be great, and the laborers continue to be few!

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