Some thoughts from the margin of my Bible.


In the margin of my Bible by Psalm 85, I had written several thoughts concerning revival.  My heart was challenged by this passage once again to seek God for my own personal revival and for a church wide and nation wide revival. The following are some thoughts from the margin of my Bible…
1.  Revival Is From The Lord. 
Throughout Scripture, God’s people have sought the Lord for revival.  It never comes from governments,gimmicks, or even church programs.  Revival cannot be purchased with money.  Revival cannot be worked up with schemes or promotions.  God revives His people.
2.  Revival Comes In Response To Prayer. (Psalm 85:4,6)
Prayer and revival are inseparable.  God is continually reminding me that prayer is absolutely vital to every area of our Christian life and service.  No prayer – No revival.
3.  Revival Is For God’s People. (Psalm 85:4)
Unsaved people do not need revival, they need regeneration.  America’s great need is not revival, it is salvation!!  The churches of America desperately need revival. It is you and I as believers that need to humble ourselves before the Lord, turn from our wicked way, confess our sins and pray.  Judgment must begin at the house of God.
4.  Revival Brings Rejoicing To God’s People. (Psalm 85:6)
The effects of a revived church is holiness (in the true and Biblical sense) and a renewed passion for soul winning and world missions.  The consequences of living a genuinely holy life and actively winning the lost to Christ is rejoicing. (see Psalm 126:5-6)

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