How To Give Out The Gospel

Paul spoke highly of the church at Thessalonica.  He held them up as a model church and declared them to be “rapture ready.” The church had a strong foundation because how Paul had given them the Gospel.

We can learn from Paul’s example given 1 Thess. 1:5.
  1. WE MUST ARTICULATE THE GOSPEL.  “Our gospel came not unto you in word only…”  Paul did not just speak the Gospel, but he did speak it.  No one will ever see souls saved and lives changed if we do not clearly articulate the Gospel.   As important as living out our faith is, our commission is to “preach” or proclaim the Gospel.  “Faith cometh by hearing…”
  2. WE MUST GIVE THE GOSPEL AUTHORITATIVELY.  “…but also in power…” Paul declared the Gospel with divine authority and it had a powerful effect.  We need to be tactful with the Gospel, but never timid!  Our articulation of the Gospel must be with earnestness, confidence, authority and power.  We must keep in mind, authoritative preaching is not the same as arrogant preaching! Speaking with authority and kindness is effective.
  3. WE MUST GIVE  THE GOSPEL WITH HOLY GHOST APPLICATION.  “…in the Holy Ghost…” There is a limit to what man can do.  The salvation of a soul is a miraculous event and we can only be effective in our declaration of the Gospel when done in the power of the Holy Ghost. I believe that if we pursued the filling of the Holy Spirit as diligently as we work on soul winning “plans” we would see more genuine professions of faith.
  4. WE MUST GIVE THE GOSPEL WITH MUCH ASSURANCE.  “…and in much assurance…”  There was no doubt in Paul’s mind as to the truth of the Gospel, the reality of his own salvation, the power of the Gospel to saves souls and change lives, and the tragedy of rejecting the Gospel.  There must be no doubt in our mind as to the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. WE MUST GIVE THE GOSPEL WITH AUTHENTICITY.. “…what manner of men we were among you…” Paul repeatedly appealed to his own lifestyle to authenticate the truth of his message. Our lifestyle can never replace the preaching of the Gospel, but it certainly reinforces the Gospel.

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