On May 7, 1979 I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  He literally transformed me, from the inside-out, into a new man. After all these years, I am still amazed at the profound, complete, permanent, and glorious change the Lord has produced in my life.
    The day I followed the Lord in believer’s baptism is forever etched into my mind. Baptism is the most important action a new believer can take.  It is the first step in the Christian life.  Bible baptism was always by immersion and immediately followed a profession of faith.
  3. I’M GLAD I JOINED A LOCAL, FUNDAMENTAL, INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH!  The local church has helped me grow in my faith, understand God’s Word, and blessed me more than any other institution in existence.  Note:  Attending church is good, but every Christian needs to join a good local church.  By the way, the more I study and understand God’s Word, the stronger I become in my Baptist convictions.
  4. I’M GLAD GOD HAS PUT INTO MY HEART A LOVE AND DESIRE FOR THE WORD OF GOD!  The Bible has meant more to me in my life than any other possession I have.
  5. I’M GLAD GOD HAS PUT IN MY HEART A DESIRE TO SEE SOULS SAVED!  There is nothing as thrilling as seeing the Lord transform the lives of people who trust Him as their personal Savior. I’m certainly not the soul winner I desire to be, but winning others to faith in Christ is the greatest thing I know.
  6. I’M GLAD JESUS HAS PROMISED HE’S COMING BACK!  As our world degenerates into spiritual anarchy, it is a great encouragement to know that our Lord and Savior is coming again to make things right.
No doubt, most folks reading this feel the way I do, but if we are not careful, our enthusiasm can and will fade over a period of time if we do not maintain our walk with the Lord.

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