Paul’s Philosophy of Ministry

Acts 20:17-38
Paul is encouraging the elders of the Ephesian church and we can glean from his statements to them his “philosophy” of ministry…
  1. Serve With Humility(v.19a) 
  2. Expect Opposition(v.19b,23)
  3. Be Sure My Walk Matches My Talk(v.20)
  4. Focus On Soul Winning(v.20b)
  5. Do Not Compromise God’s Message(v.20a,21-23)
  6. Be Dedicated To Christ(v.24)
  7. Be Joyful(v.24b)
  8. Don’t Quit(v.24b-c)
  9. Fulfill My Responsibilities(v.25-27)
  10. Warn God’s People of Spiritual Dangers(v.28-31)
  11. Understand That It Is God That Gives Growth(v.32)
  12. Be Content(v.33-34)
  13. Be Generous, Hospitable, and Kind(v.35)
  14. Saturate My Life and Ministry with Prayer(v.36)
  15. Expect Opposition(v.19b,23)
  16. Do Not Allow Others To Influence Me Out Of God’s Will(v.37-38)

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