Job 5:6-7
One of the most difficult questions in life is, “Why did God allow this trouble to come into my life?” We do not always know the answer to the question, “Why?”
  1. Troubles often appear suddenly and unexpectedly
    Job did not anticipate the great trials that came upon him. 
  2. Troubles are often unexplained
    As far as we can tell, Job never knew in this life about the Heavenly conflict that brought about his troubles.
  3. Troubles are often extremely difficult
  4. Troubles often have hidden benefits
    There are things we learn about our Lord, others, and even ourselves in the time of troubles.
  5. Troubles can strengthen our faith (if we allow them to)
    Though Job struggled to understand what was happening to him, in the end, his faith in God was much stronger than before he faced his troubles.
  6. Troubles are often part of God’s “chastening” of His children
    Chastening is part of God’s correction in our live, getting us “back on tract” and working to mold us into the person He saved us to be, molding us into the image of Christ.
  7. Troubles are often part of our conditioning for service
    God may have to put us through times of trouble to equip us for greater use in the future, to enable us to be a greater blessing and help to others as they go through troubles. Many millions of people have found encouragement and strength by reading of Job’s experience.
  8. Troubles are always designed to bring glory to God in one way or anotherSee John 9:1-3. Troubles often come our way to show to this world God’s great power, that He is good, and that He can and will give joy and victory even in the darkest of days.
A pearl is a beautiful thing and is highly valued, yet a pearl is the product of great suffering. Troubles in life are inevitable, yet they can be so beneficial.


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