Three Things The Holy Spirit Will Never Do.

As Pastor, I hear many preachers and church members say that the “Holy Spirit led” them to do something.  My question this week is, How do you know that it was the Holy Spirit leading you??   Some things I have heard people say that the Holy Spirit “led” them to do makes me worry. 
Let me share with you three principles that will help us determine whether it is really the Holy Spirit “leading” us, or if maybe just our emotions, flesh or even something worse.
  • The Holy Spirit Will Never Lead Me Contrary To Scripture. As God, the Holy Spirit is the author of the Word of God, and, as God, He cannot contradict His own Word.  If you sense the Holy Spirit leading you, the first thing to do is to examine the Scriptures very carefully and determine whether this action contradicts Scripture or not.  If it violates Scripture in any way, it is NOT the Holy Spirit!!
  • The Holy Spirit Will Never Violate The Character Of Jesus Christ. Any action or behavior that violates the Holy, sinless, meek, and lowly character of Jesus Christ is not the result of the Holy Spirit’s leading.  The actions and character of the Holy Spirit conform perfectly with the action and character of Jesus Christ.  Also, remember it is the HOLY Spirit that dwells within the believer.
  • The Holy Spirit Will Never Discredit The Message Of The Gospel. Some of the antics of many of the TV “preachers/evangelists” that are done in the name of the “Holy Spirit” are so contrary to Scripture and, in some cases, so outlandish as to completely discredit the message of the Gospel.  John 15:26 clearly states that the mission of the Holy Spirit is to testify of Jesus Christ and His soul saving message.  The Holy Spirit’s leading will never “cloud” the message but always CLARIFY the message of the Gospel.